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Psychological trauma is characterized as a triggered response—often both physical and emotional—to a specific situation that reminds someone of an impactful event from the past. It is difficult to find a particular cause for trauma from person to person, as effects can vary drastically between cases. Individuals with psychological trauma are often diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Common symptoms involve avoidant behaviors, sudden and prolonged emotional or physical responses, risky behavior, mood swings, or a complete withdrawal from daily activities.

Those who have PTSD may practice avoidance of certain situations or attempt to suppress memories that remind them of their trauma to lessen these responses. Suppression can often lead to additional symptoms such as mood swings, explosive anger, risky behavior, or shutting down from daily life.

But there is hope. With professional guidance and treatment, individuals can work through
trauma to reach a better quality of life.

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Are you or a loved one looking to get professional therapy and treatment for psychological trauma? MPower Wellness is here to help with programs built specifically for individuals living with psychological trauma in or near the Exton, PA area. We work with every client to create a unique plan of care that draws from the latest innovative practices and techniques.

drug and alcohol rehab exton

Your recovery plan may include the following:

To discuss a possible treatment plan, please reach out to our admissions staff.

drug and alcohol rehab exton

What can I expect during my program?

Under the guidance of a therapist, you will explore the root causes of your trauma using tools like talk therapy and even medication. Common therapy modalities for PTSD include prolonged exposure therapy, stress therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT builds awareness of negative or stress-inducing thinking patterns to help you approach situations in a clearer, more healthy way. 

Your PTSD does not define you, and we are here to help you find healing and harmony in life.



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