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Group therapy for addiction is so much more than just showing up. At MPower Wellness, we use group sessions as a means to help individuals relate to each other, create new skills together, and practice coping skills that will be the foundation to their new sober life. An in-depth look at what exactly group therapy is and how it works will establish a sense of confidence in recovery you never thought possible. A trained therapist will be present and guiding the group along the way to ensure goals are met and success is planned out. 

 Addiction often requires a group of like-minded people striving together to achieve the shared goal of sobriety. Group therapy provides many of the tools you need to conquer your addiction and continue to thrive in sobriety. You’ll find all that and more with MPower Wellness treatment. Bearing that in mind, here is an in-depth look at group therapy and how it can change your life.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is strength in numbers. It brings together a diverse group of people, making the collective goal of sobriety easier to attain as a unit by openly communicating your struggles. It takes teamwork to achieve sobriety and group therapy is exactly that. Speaking openly about the problem with people who understand your condition may be all the confidence you need to get over the hurdles of your addiction. Group therapy for addiction goes beyond simply talking. It’s also about having an empathetic and professional clinician who listens to your needs and helps you find solutions.

group therapy for addiction

 These sessions are intended to provide you with the reassurance that you’re not alone in your struggles. More importantly, they are specifically geared to show you your goals of sobriety can be achieved. Make your sobriety a reality today by reaching out to our team of dedicated therapy specialists.

group therapy for addiction

What Can You Expect From Group Therapy At MPower Wellness?

MPower Wellness strives to maintain a high standard in their therapy sessions by continually seeking solutions. Groups are made up of 3-12 individuals seeking to make changes in their life. The groups are run by one of our trained clinicians who have years of experience working with individuals just like you.  The therapeutic environment allows you to share common goals, solutions, and stories on your respective roads to sobriety.

A strong support group is an intricate piece to any successful recovery. Without a strong support group, it’s easy to become discouraged, often worsening addictions in the long run. Group therapists help the group accomplish this simply by getting each individual to acquaint themselves closely and openly with one another. This develops a level of trust that is the basis of bonds in any relationship. This is why all participants are strongly encouraged to open up each other in a safe and healthy way. In due time, this will turn your group therapy sessions into a strong support group that is a vital anchor in achieving sobriety.

One of the most important traits of developing the bonds suggest in the prior point, is accepting people for who they are. That’s precisely the mentality you’ll find in all of our judgment-free sessions. You will never be judged regardless of what you struggle with or the degree of your addiction. This is why people find themselves to be so comfortable sharing their struggles in all of our therapy sessions. Find out how comfortable you can be by choosing from a variety of our group therapy options today.

We all need some form of accountability, whether it be at work, in life, or in group therapy for addiction. Accountability is a large part of what any addiction therapy is about.  As your group bond grows stronger, you grow stronger as a person, becoming accountable to both others and yourself. This accountability is formed through having accountability partners or individual physician follow-ups that help you track the progress of your goals. Each session provides the session with group goals that your doctor and/or accountability partner can help track together.

It’s vital to reiterate, you will never be judged for your progress or lack thereof. MPower wellness understands everybody grows at a different pace and in different ways and so do your friends in group therapy. Nobody is there to judge you, but to cheer you on with each little step you take toward sobriety.

The primary task and desire of MPower Wellness therapists is to listen. Listening to your story and substance struggles is what helps your therapist chart the course of future group and individual sessions. That’s why our dedicated professionals give you their full focus during your sessions with them. They’re a vital asset to your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Group Therapy?

There are numerous life-changing benefits from group therapy. Many of these benefits come with how they complement your individual rehab treatment. That’s why it’s important to understand that group therapy is not a standalone treatment. These meetings should always be attended in conjunction with another medically-aided sobriety program. Group sessions are among the greatest tools for overall recovery when used in correlation with other treatments. Here are a couple of factors in which group therapy can be used effectively to achieve sobriety.

Group meetings can lead you down an enlightening road to self-discovery that helps doctors determine your most effective individual approach to achieving sobriety. Your doctor can use your behaviors, interactions, and vocalized struggles in group sessions to get the most out of your individual treatment. Therefore, group sessions could be just the insight your doctors need to make a recovery breakthrough.

Vocally opening up in group therapy for addiction can lift an immense burden that was impossible before therapy. Speaking openly about your struggles with relatable individuals is among the most therapeutic methods for confident and successful rehabilitation. Each word you speak in group sessions can take more and more of the burden off your shoulders and breathe new life into your assurance of a sober future.

Battling addiction on your own puts you in a lonely place of hopelessness. Group therapy for addiction is known to reinforce confidence and drive away loneliness. That’s why it’s so vital to surround yourself with those who care about your sobriety.  Your bonds in group therapy for addiction are the most important friendships you could have to achieve your recovery goals.


At MPower Wellness, you’ll find the support group and friendships you’ve always wanted to help drive your recovery forward. It takes a team to achieve anything in life. You can find the right recovery team to help get your life on track at MPower Wellness.

One of the main reasons group therapy and one-on-one treatment go hand-in-hand is because of how it complements individual treatment. All the lessons learned in group treatment often strengthen your personal sessions with your physician. You’ll find out how much your one-on-one treatment will thrive after you enroll in group therapy.

Pouring your heart out in group therapy is one of the most important first steps in confronting the problem face-to-face. You cannot move forward without first acknowledging the issues at hand. This is the most important and most often the hardest step to make. Yet, doing so unlocks several important coinciding steps to your recovery. Once the issue is acknowledged, you can proceed to rectify the issue with the guidance of a caring physician. Speak to a treatment assessment specialist today to find the treatment that’s right for you.

Let MPower Wellness Give You The Power To Overcome Addiction

MPower Wellness can give you the strength to gain control of your strongholds and your future. One call or click can change the trajectory of your life. MPower treatment is all about giving you the power to succeed.

That’s why all of our therapy options are about more than providing you with the best therapy possible. It’s about giving you the tools and confidence to thrive in your sobriety beyond treatment. As much as we look forward to having you, our passion is to get you to the point where treatment is no longer necessary.

We aim for complete self-dependent success for all of our patients. MPower is the training wheels to help you live a sober life beyond treatment. We hold the keys you need to a sustainable sober future. Our doctors will take you to where you need to go before handing you the keys to drive your future. Take control of your life today by reaching out to our caring team of dedicated specialists.



Find out more about the services available at MPower Wellness and start on your path to recovery.