MPower Wellness is dedicated to helping our clients overcome substance use disorder.

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Substance use has the power to destroy lives and relationships, but we work to prevent this from happening. Our drug rehab in Philadelphia has all the facilities necessary to overcome drug abuse and put you back on the right path.

Admitting that you have a problem may feel difficult or embarrassing. Most people do not find the help they need, and they allow their substance use to get worse. Substance use is a disease, just like any other sickness, and we are here to provide proper care.

drug and alcohol rehab exton

Substance Abuse in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania has the third-highest rate of opioid overdoses in the United States. In Philadelphia alone, there were over 1,200 deaths related to overdose in 2020. In 2021, this number experienced a 10% uptick and is already trending upward for 2022.

Philadelphia has the second-highest overdose rate out of any major city in America. There is a great need for drug rehab in Philadelphia because of these numbers. The most commonly abused substances include

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  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine

The need for drug rehab in Philadelphia continues to rise with substance abuse rates. Each of our programs is specifically designed to achieve recovery and prevent relapse for our clients. If you are struggling with substance abuse, learn more about our programs here.

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What Are The Symptoms of Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse disorder is when a person is unable to control their urges to consume addictive substances. This is caused by changes that alter the physical and chemical makeup of the brain. The brain tells your body that it is unable to function properly without the substance you are addicted to. This disease is reversible and can be completely cured with proper treatment.

In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, it’s important to know the signs of substance abuse.

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Symptoms of substance abuse include


When a person quits using a substance, they may experience symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal can also put a person’s life in danger, especially if they have had a long-term addiction. Severe cases can lead to symptoms such as psychosis, anxiety, and overdose.

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Risk Factors of Addiction

Addiction is something that can affect anyone from any background. It is important to know and understand risk factors in order to detect if someone is susceptible to addiction. If you or someone you love is at risk of addiction, look into drug rehab in Philadelphia.

Some people may be more at risk of addiction if it is common in their family history. The physical makeup of the human brain is different from person to person, simply because of genetics. Some people’s brains may be wired to be more susceptible to addiction.

If someone is suffering from a mental illness such as anxiety or depression, they may become more easily addicted to a substance. Drugs and alcohol can make the symptoms of mental illness subside for a period of time, so people become dependent or reliant on a relieving substance.

One of the main factors that contribute to addiction is peer pressure, especially among youth. It is easy to fall into peer pressure when all your friends are doing it. If you ever feel pressured to do something you know is wrong, don’t do it. It may seem like a harmless one-time thing, but it can lead to serious long-term consequences.

When someone starts to use drugs at a young age, their brain is altered during the development stage. This change in the brain leads to long-term addiction and is very difficult to treat. Avoiding any addictive substance is extremely important at a young age, as it has lifelong effects.

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Addictions We Treat

Especially today, there are many different substances that an individual could become addicted to. No matter what substance a person is abusing, it should not be treated lightly. Addictions typically begin slowly and progress until a person is no longer in control.

Some substances may be more harmful than others, but all can be life-threatening if misused. If you are looking for drug rehab in Philadelphia, our programs are tailored to these commonly abused addictive substances.

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Pennsylvania is ranked as one of the heaviest-drinking states in America, with 60% of the adult population consuming alcohol. The danger of alcohol is downplayed in modern-day culture. Drinking is a pastime and is portrayed as a stress reliever and mood enhancer.

It is hard to diagnose an alcohol addiction because drinking is such a common activity. Most people who have an alcohol problem may not even realize they have one. When a person becomes addicted to alcohol, they may begin to experience anger, anxiety, or depression during or after drinking.

Treatment for Alcohol Use

Seeking professional help for alcohol addiction is necessary in most cases. Alcohol use can lead to serious problems and affects people around you. Our program is designed to help alleviate these problems and help clients find peace in their struggles.

Some forms of treatment that we offer include individual and group therapy. Group therapy encourages clients to share stories and express emotions. This form of therapy is especially effective because individuals feel welcomed and loved through the rehab process.

One of the top causes of drug-related overdoses is heroin. Heroin is a drug that is listed as a class A opioid, which means it is not used for any medical purposes. The only consumption of this drug is through illegal means. Small doses of heroin can be fatal. In many cases, people switch from prescription drugs to heroin after they can no longer afford medication.

Treatment for Heroin Use

Heroin is extremely potent, and therefore very dangerous. Our treatment begins with immediate detoxification and progresses into cognitive therapy. It is very difficult to get off of heroin once you start because of how powerful it is. If you are using heroin for any reason, find drug rehab immediately.

Among the most common forms of substance abuse in Pennsylvania are prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are typically used to treat pain for health conditions. These drugs are opioids that can be highly addictive and easily abused.

Treatment for Prescription Drug Use

Prescription drugs can easily be misused if a person isn’t careful. It is important to seek out help if you feel like you may be addicted to prescription drugs. Our staff provides specific services that closely monitor your medication intake. Through a treatment program, you will be able to make a smooth recovery. Therapy is done mainly in a group setting, but based on how each client does, we are able to individualize treatment.

Besides marijuana, cocaine is the most used illegal drug in Pennsylvania. Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that gives a person a boost of energy. Although it isn’t the cause of most overdoses in Pennsylvania, it still has serious effects on the body.

Treatment for Cocaine Use

Cocaine can severely impact both physical and mental functions. After coming down from a cocaine high, many people feel intense swings of anxiety and depression. Rehab will help alleviate these problems. Through our dual diagnosis program, you will begin to see immediate improvements. Group therapy is used as a way for people to connect with others going through the recovery process as well.

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive class of drugs. They are predominantly used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Small amounts of this drug can lead to overdose so make sure to closely monitor dosage.

Treatment for Meth Use

One of the most common drug addictions that we treat is methamphetamine addiction. Through the use of specialists, doctors, and therapists, we are able to provide top-of-the-line care to those suffering from methamphetamine addiction. Our promise is to work to the best of our ability to free clients from addiction forever.

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The Benefits of Our Philadelphia Drug Rehab

Here at MPower Wellness, we offer treatments that are suited to the needs of the community. Substance abuse has been one of the major issues plaguing the city of Philadelphia. Our staff is committed to helping our clients fully overcome addiction and become productive members of society. We are confident that our programs are the best fit for the city of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania as a whole.

The need for drug rehab in Philadelphia has never been greater and we are here to help. We have a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of people suffering from all types of addiction.

The MPower Model

At MPower Wellness, we follow the MPower Model to best meet the needs of our clients. The MPower Model is based on the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. This model focuses on individuals making full recovery from substance use including life after rehab. The foundation of our drug rehab in Philadelphia is built around these steps.

12-Step Facilitation

The 12-Step Facilitation program encourages patients to accept their addiction and free themselves of this struggle. Through group therapy, our specialists are able to collect data and individualize treatment for clients.

Addiction should not be battled alone. We want to be a safe space where you can come and leave your addiction in the past.

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Don’t let substance use control your life. Free yourself from addiction and give us a call today to learn more about our treatment and recovery programs. If you or a loved one is battling substance abuse, contact us today!

The Benefits of Our Philadelphia Drug Rehab



Find out more about the services available at MPower Wellness and start on your path to recovery.