Located in Exton, Pennsylvania, MPower Wellness faces addiction head-on, striving to help those in need of treatment.

drug and alcohol rehab exton

Individuals searching for a Philadelphia drug rehab center can receive the help they need here at our facility. Our team understands the importance of comprehensive addiction treatment. As such, we provide various substance use disorder treatment programs for our clients.

drug and alcohol rehab exton

Treatment Programs

at MPower Wellness of Exton

At our Philadelphia drug rehab center, we provide our clients with the very best of care. When it comes to treating substance use disorders, we understand the importance of a comprehensive approach. Each person who suffers from addiction has a unique story. Each individual has specific needs. This is why we prioritize and promote a multifaceted approach to addiction rehabilitation.

MPower Wellness of Exton offers various substance abuse treatment programs, including an intensive outpatient program, a partial hospitalization program, and an outpatient treatment program. We also offer sober living and aftercare programs for those in addiction recovery.

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Our intensive outpatient program provides our clients with the care that they need. We spend around 3 hours a day 3-5 days a week working with clients to ensure that they are meeting their recovery goals. Clients can choose to live with family or in a sober living facility. Although we do not offer inpatient treatment, we believe that this method can be just as effective.

This program is targeted toward people who have a lot of trouble resisting addictive urges and need intensive care. If you have never tried looking for drug rehab in Philadelphia, this may be a great option.

The partial hospitalization program at MPower wellness is a way for clients to bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient treatment. For this type of treatment, clients live at home and travel to our facility up to seven days a week. Those who are able to live without full-time supervision greatly benefit from this type of rehabilitation. It encourages clients to discover their true selves on their journey back to normal life.

Our outpatient program is one of the best options for people who have already been through an intensive rehab program. Clients find that this option makes sober living much easier. It is not as rigorous as the Intensive Outpatient Program, but it is a great outlet for those who still need some help and encouragement.

MPower provides a safe sober living environment for those that want to escape the temptations of substance abuse. These spaces are alcohol and drug-free so that clients can focus on maintaining a sober lifestyle. After completing a treatment program, it can be overwhelming to go back to normal life. Our sober living program provides a way for clients to begin easing back into their everyday lives.

Taking prescription drugs can potentially lead to addiction. When doctors prescribe medication, people may not be able to control the doses they are taking. It can be very tempting to consume more than the recommended amount, especially when you are in a lot of pain.

Our specialists are here to make sure that your medication is administered correctly. This can relieve temptation and stress for clients who may have addictive tendencies.

One of the first steps in the rehab process is intervention. We provide an environment in which our clients feel safe and protected to talk about their substance abuse disorder. An intervention could be just what someone needs to start their road to recovery. When our clients are able to recognize how their addiction is affecting those around them, it can be a very eye-opening experience.

Our staff wants to ensure that clients make a full recovery and apply their new habits to everyday life. Temptation can be found everywhere and our specialists reinforce good habits that translate into life after rehab. We are heavily focused on preventing future relapses, so we take extra measures to protect our clients.

At our Philadelphia drug rehab center, we want to be there for our clients throughout the entire recovery process. We understand how easy it can be to fall back into bad habits. Our specialists are committed to providing support even after clients have completed treatment. We believe that this is the most effective way for our clients to overcome substance use and addiction.

When people are suffering from substance abuse and addiction, they are most likely experiencing mental health issues as well. At our Philadelphia drug rehab center, we heavily emphasize the importance of mental health during addiction treatment.

When people are using substances, there can be serious effects on the brain. As a result, a person may begin to experience mental health issues. For example, people who regularly use cocaine may have extreme feelings of depression and anxiety after using the drug.

Through our dual diagnosis program, we treat both the mental health and substance use issues that our client is experiencing. By doing this, the actual chemical makeup of the brain can change. This makes the recovery process much easier because the brain does not have as strong of a need for the substance.

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drug and alcohol rehab exton

Therapy for

Addiction Treatment

Therapy is an essential part of the recovery program because it provides clients with the tools needed to overcome their addiction. It helps them understand that they are not alone and are cared for greatly. Based on how our clients react to various forms of treatment, we are able to cater to their needs. Some people respond better to group therapy while others prefer individual therapy.

By evaluating our client’s condition through the treatment process, we are able to offer individualized therapy. Individual therapy provides clients with one-on-one professional care from our specialists. The benefits of this form of therapy include

  • Specialized care
  • In-depth evaluation
  • Professional feedback

This form of therapy may be most effective for those that have difficulty sharing their addiction with a group. When a client is at the beginning of the recovery process, they may need individual therapy.

Our group therapy program has proven to be one of the best treatment methods for our clients. It may seem scary to participate in group therapy, but it can be the best decision of your life. During group therapy sessions, clients are able to listen to people’s stories and relate to their struggles. Our clients are encouraged to share their own stories and interact with others.

What many people gain from this experience is that they no longer feel alone. When listening to others that go through similar struggles, you will find that there is hope. This form of therapy is especially important for those that feel hopeless.

Sometimes the best way to overcome addiction is to be open about it and share it with others. This will empower you to remove the weight of addiction from your shoulders and begin the healing process.

In many cases, family therapy goes hand-in-hand with intervention. When family members become concerned with our client’s substance use, they seek out specialized care. Our team of specialists works with families to help clients get the best treatment possible.

Our family therapy program brings family members together to support their loved one that is suffering from addiction. During these sessions, our clients participate in therapy with their family present. This type of therapy improves communication and trust between family members. Through this therapy, our clients are able to renew and restore relationships with their families.

If relationships are worsening because of substance use, family therapy may be the right option for you.

The 12-Step Facilitation Program is designed to help patients continue their treatment by joining self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. The goal of this program is to help clients understand and accept that they are suffering from a chronic disease. Most people that are going through addiction and substance use think that they have it under control.

Our program encourages people to continue getting help even after treatment. Addiction and substance abuse affect the body in the same way any chronic disease would. It is important that they are treated as such.

Benefits of

Getting Treatment at MPower Wellness

drug and alcohol rehab exton

Our Philadelphia drug rehab center is among the top treatment centers in Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction. Those who receive treatment at MPower Wellness find that they have renewed life and power that they never had before.

Substance use can cause destruction in a person’s life. It not only affects that person, but also those that are close to them. Addiction is a disease, and it must be treated as such. Our programs are designed to provide clients with top-of-the-line care that guides them through the entirety of the recovery process.

drug and alcohol rehab exton

Here at MPower Wellness, we want to relieve you of the struggles of addiction and welcome you into our care. If you are interested in our Philadelphia drug rehab center, contact us today to find out more about our services.

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Find out more about the services available at MPower Wellness and start on your path to recovery.